Famous people weigh in on the heated hot dog sandwich debate

Famous people weigh in on the heated hot dog sandwich debate.

From the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council


I've never considered a hot dog a sandwich because a hot dog is a hot dog. I mean technically it comes between 2 pieces of bread or one fold it into two, so I guess you can classify it as a sandwich. Then what would you call it, a hot dog sandwich? That's like a hat on a hat so let's just keep it as a hot dog.

I would say no, because the bread is joined. I define a sandwich as two pieces of bread with stuff between it.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?! Of course not! What are you talking about? A hot dog is a hot dog, and god I love hot dogs.

By my definition, a hot dog is a hot dog. It’s its own thing with its own specialized bun. If you went into a restaurant and ordered a meat tube sandwich would that make sense? No! They’d probably call the cops on you. I don’t care what anyone says, a hot dog is not a sandwich. And if hot dogs are sandwiches, then cereal is soup! Chew on that one for a while.

Some say a hot dog is a sandwich. Some say it isn't. We say sorry because we already ate the hot dog before giving an answer.


I think a hot dog is a hot dog. Unless I made a sandwich out of a bunch of chopped up hot dogs.

The hot dog stands above form and matter and cannot even be subjected to the question. You might as well ask the weight of the color blue — it makes no sense. A hot dog is not a sandwich because a hot dog is a hot dog.

The bread is a delivery system, a ballistic delivery system. It is not a classic sandwich, in my view. If you were to [walk] into any vendor of fine hot dogs, and ask for a hot dog sandwich, they would probably report you to the FBI.

A hot dog is not a sandwich. A lobster roll is a sandwich.

It is not a sandwich.


You start considering a hot dog a sandwich, and you’re like ‘oh, because there’s carbs around it,’ then you have to start, kinda, is a gyro a sandwich? ‘Cause that’s kinda like ... no. You have to keep division.

No! No. You have to have a lot of respect for hot dogs. It's completely different.
First of all, the hot dog is American. Sandwiches are not American. They're different. Second of all, a hot dog is like a pop idol. Hot dogs are cute. It's a pop image—everyone knows what a hot dog is.

They’re not a true New Yorker if they think a hot dog is a sandwich,” he said. “Do you go to the ballpark to get a sandwich and a beer or a hot dog and a beer?
It’s on a bun. You grill it. Can you grill a sandwich? Ham, bologna, you can’t grill that stuff.
I can end the debate. I’m an authority on eating hot dogs. I’ll say this, this is a hot dog. You eat a hot dog on a bun not a slice of bread.

No, it’s a hot dog.

Why does everyone keep asking me if a hot dog is a sandwich? I'm so confused lol. My answer is no though lol.

Naw, it’s not a sandwich if it’s in a bun.

No, at least not for me.

Is a hotdog a sandwich? No.

This is the most interesting question I’ve had all day…is a hot dog a sandwich? I don’t really know if it matters. All I know is they’re delicious and they sell them at stadiums. I don’t think it matters if it’s a sandwich or not. As long as there’s a good hot dog, go for it. I love them. I don’t eat them all the time as I try to eat more nutritious foods, but I’m all about them.

A hot dog is not a sandwich.

A Hot Dog is a hot dog. It is not a sandwich. What savage out there would suggest otherwise? How did this even become a thing…A hot dog is god only knows what squeezed into a tube and placed on a bun and it is a delight.

A hot dog is not a sandwich. It’s not…it’s a hot dog.

A hot dog is a hot dog… A hot dog is its own category. It’s like a gyro.


No, it's not a sandwich. It’s a hot dog! How can a hot dog be a sandwich?

You don't say, "Hey, let me make you a sandwich," and then give them a hot dog.

Order a sandwich at Saturday's game and see if they give you a hot dog. There's your answer.

A sandwich is a sandwich, a hot dog is a hot dog!