MLB Hot Dog & Sausage Guide

MLB Hot Dog & Sausage Guide

From the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council

Hot dogs and sausages are the perennial MVP of concession stands at Major League ballparks across the country. Fans return each year to enjoy their classic favorites and to try new—often over-the-top, but always delicious—creations. We’ve compiled this guide featuring some of this year’s most unique offerings, along with our classic favorites.

Atlanta Braves

Lots of new options in Atlanta in 2017 as the Braves open SunTrust Park, which will feature the First & Third Hot Dog and Sausage Shack with several different hot dog and sausage options, but the full range of options have not been released.

Dixie Dog: Flash-fried, all-beef dog — which is a whole foot long and weighs half a pound — topped with a mustard-based barbecue sauce, pulled pork, a creamy Southern-style slaw, and pickles.

Baltimore Orioles

Esskay serves up a variety of hot dogs at Camden Yards with the biggest draw being the Crab Mac & Cheese Dog piled high with Maryland crab

Crab Mac ‘N Cheese Dog: Hot dog topped with macaroni and cheese and a generous lump of crab meat, seasoned with Old Bay.

Boston Red Sox

The Fenway Frank is one of the most popular hot dogs in baseball and the Red Sox are also amongst the top sausage sellers with the Italian being most popular.

Fenway Frank: Steamed, grilled or rolled hot dogs wedged inside a classic New England-style bun.

Chicago Cubs

Vienna Beef Chicago Dogs are the go to options at Wrigley Field, but the defending World Series champs include plenty of local flavor throughout the stadium with sausages from locals such as Hot Doug’s and even a deep dish hot dog pizza combo in recent years with more chef created sausages coming in 2017.

Chicago Dog: Grilled Vienna Hot Dog served with yellow mustard, neon relish, diced onions, sport peppers, tomato wedges & celery salt in a poppy seed bun.


New in 2017::

  • Wrigley Dog: Hot dog featuring Addison Relish (diced tomato, onions, pickle, relish, sport pepper), mustard and celery salt.
  • Pilsen Dog: Charred Vienna hot dog topped with roasted corn, lime-cilantro aioli and Tajin seasoning.
  • Bao Wao Dog: Charred Vienna hot dog with pickled daikon and carrot, Sriracha aioli, cilantro, and mint.
  • Kimchi Dog: Crisp braised pork belly, pickled ginger aioli and kimchi.

Chicago White Sox

On the Southside it's all about the Chicago Dog while Brats are also popular too.

Chicago Dog: Grilled Vienna Hot Dog served with yellow mustard, neon relish, diced onions, sport peppers, tomato wedges & celery salt in a poppy seed bun.


New in 2017: The Heater: A Johnsonville jalapeno cheddar sausage with spicy cole slaw and sriracha mayo.


New in 2017: Clean Up Hitter Burger: A double-patty burger that comes topped with Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce.

Cincinnati Reds

The Great American Ballpark serves a great American hot dog with the Skyline Chili Coney, topped with Cincinnati's renowned chili and lots of shredded cheddar. The Reds are also one of the few teams offering a Mettwurst, as theirs is bacon-wrapped mettwurst with hot peppers and spicy mustard.


New in 2017:The Nacho Dog: A hot dog topped with jalapenos, nacho cheese, salsa and tortilla chip crumbs.


New in 2017:The Taco Dog: A beef hot dog with cheddar, lettuce, pico and hot sauce.

Skyline Chili Coney: Hot dog cloaked in the famous Skyline saucy chili with hints of cinnamon and chocolate, the Coney is then topped with chopped onions and heaps of tangy, shredded cheddar cheese.

Cleveland Indians

The Indians' Sugardale hot dog topped with Bertman's mustard (pictured below) took home the championship in the 2015 MLB Hot Dog Madness bracket. The Indians also offer creative dogs like the Thomenator (pictured below), a 1/3lb dog topped with sauerkraut, onions and pierogis. Fans can also enjoy local favorites like Happy Dog and watch the racing hot dogs on the field at each game.

The Thomenator Dog (photo)

Sugardale dog topped with Bertman's mustard (photo)

Colorado Rockies

The Rockies feature the Rockie Dog (pictured below) which is a foot-long with peppers, onions and sauerkraut.

Rockie Dog: fresh-off-the-grill foot-long dogs with grilled peppers, sautéed onions, and sauerkraut.


New in 2017: Bacon-wrapped footlong chili cheese dog:

Other offerings will include:


  • Denver Dog: X-treme Dog topped with green chili, shredded cheddar cheese and sliced jalapenos.
  • Beachcomber Dog: X-treme Dog topped with BB-Q Sauce, pineapples and jalapenos.
  • Chicago Dog: X-treme Dog topped with a pickle spear, tomato wedges, sport peppers, relish, diced cucumbers, Gulden's Mustard and garnished with celery salt.
  • New York Dog: X-treme Dog topped with sauerkraut, pepper strips, diced white onions and Gulden's Mustard.
  • Diablo Dog: X-treme Dog with red chili, shredded jack cheese, diced red onion and sliced jalapenos.
  • Santa Fe Dog: X-treme Dog topped with red chili, shredded cheddar cheese, sliced jalapenos and sour cream.
  • Mac-N-Cheese Dog: Hot dog stuffed with mac-n-cheese.
  • Elk Brat: Brat topped with sauerkraut, grilled onions, pepper strips and Gulden's Mustard.


Detroit Tigers

The Tigers feature the Coney dog topped Detroit Chili Company Coney sauce and have also included adventurous offerings such as the Brat Pop, Mac Daddy Dog, Chips and Dig Dog and Poutine Dog in recent years.

Coney Island: Beef hot dogs slathered with Detroit Chili Company Coney sauce (a "wet," beanless chili spiced with cumin) and sweet, chopped onions.

Hawaiian Hot Dog (photo)

Coney Dog Pizza(photo)

Houston Astros

Nolan Ryan isn't just an Astros pitching legend, he's also their hot dog supplier. Fans can enjoy Nolan Ryan beef hot dogs throughout the stadium and get them for just $1 on Wednesday nights.

Other offerings will include:

Cincinnati Cheese Coney Dog (photo)

  • Super Top Dog: A foot-long hot dog with chili and cheese.
  • Chicago Dog: Hot dog on a poppy seed bun with yellow mustard, neon relish, onions, sport peppers, tomatoes, pickle spear and celery salt.
  • Cincinnati Cheese Coney Dog: A Texas take on a Coney dog with chili, cheddar cheese and onion.
  • Coney Island Dog: Hot dog with chili, chopped onions and spicy mustard.
  • Georgia Dog: Hot dog topped with coleslaw, chopped onions and barbecue sauce.
  • Ken Hoffman New York Dog: A hot dog with grilled sauerkraut and spicy mustard.

Kansas City Royals

The Royals have a variety of hot dog and sausage choices including the classic Kansas City dog topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and mustard as well as several more adventurous offerings.


New in 2017: Sunrise Dog: A hot dog with bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg and white sausage gravy.


New in 2017: Cuban Dog: Hot dog topped with pulled pork, sliced ham, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles.

Additional offerings include:

All-Star BBQ Hot Dog (pictured)

  • All-Star BBQ Dog: An all-beef hot dog topped with pulled pork, coleslaw, pickle slices and BBQ sauce.
  • Kansas City Dog: All-beef hot dog with Swiss cheese, grilled sauerkraut and Boulevard Pale Ale Mustard.
  • Royal Blue Dog: All-beef hot dog topped with blue cheese sauce, chopped bacon and red onion.
  • Steak & Cheese Dog: Hot dog featuring chopped Philly steak and cheese sauce.
  • Chicago Dog: A hot dog on a poppy seed bun, neon relish, diced onions, sport peppers, tomato wedges, pickle spears, celery salt and yellow mustard.
  • Farmland Dog: A hot dog with bacon crème, pulled pork and spicy giardinera.

Royal Blue Dog (pictured)

Los Angeles Angels

The Angels feature Angel Dogs as well as specialty hot dogs and sausages from Farmer John.

Halo Dog: An all-beef hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with charro beans, Anaheim peppers and shredded Monterey Jack.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers rule the majors in terms of hot dog sales with fans eating more than 2.5 million hot dogs each season. They've featured the Dodger Dog, a foot-long Farmer John hot dog available steamed or grilled since 1962. The Dodgers also offer different dogs based on their opponent each homestand.

Dodger Dog: A foot-long, pork hot dog either grilled or steamed. The cooked dog is cushioned by a steamed bun with traditional toppings — mustard and relish.

Homestand specials: include the Chicago Dog, Philly Dog, Miami Cuban Dog, Milwaukee Dog, New York Dog and of course the Doyer Dog.

Miami Marlins

Local flavor is the theme at Marlins Park where the Miami Mex dog with chili con carne, Monterey Jack cheese, cilantro coleslaw and jalapeño-lime aioli wrapped in flour tortilla is a popular choice (pictured below). The Marlins will also be offering a ½ lb. Jumbo Hot Dog and Nathan’s Jalapeno Cheese & Chili Dog this season.

Miami Mex Dog (photo)

Milwaukee Brewers

Home of the iconic sausage race, local Klements hot dogs and sausages are on the menu in Milwaukee. Brewers fans can enjoy several traditional sausage styles as well as more creative options such as a jalapeno popper dog (pictured below) and Bratchos (pictured below), chips topped with sausage. Miller Park is the only stadium in the majors where sausage outsells hot dogs.

Jalapeno Popper Dog: Klement's hot dog, cheese sauce, fried jalapeno on a sausage roll.

Bratchos (photo)

Wisconsin Dog: Klement's hot dog topped with bacon and beer jam sauerkraut on a sausage roll.

Minnesota Twins

Twins fans can enjoy local favorites at the stadium including legendary Minneapolis sausages from Kramarczuks and 3 different sizes of Schweigerts hot dogs.

Kramarczuks sausage (photo)

The Big Dog: A quarter pound all beef Schweigert hot dog.

New York Mets

Similar to their neighbors in the Bronx, the Nathan’s all beef hot dog is the featured option at Citi Field along with Premio sausages. Abele's & Heymann dogs are available for those seeking kosher dogs.

New York Yankees

Yankee Stadium keeps it simple and classic. Fans can enjoy a Nathan’s Famous Natural Casing Dog topped with red onions in sauce and sauerkraut.

Oakland Athletics

A's fans love their hot dogs wrapped in bacon as the team features the Colossal Dog (pictured below). The A's also feature local Saag's Sausages with five different varieties, all coming topped with peppers and onions.

Colossal Dog (photo)

Philadelphia Phillies

Hatfield hot dogs are the dog of choice in Philly, where you can get one shot out of a cannon by the Phillie Phanatic. The Phillies often offer several new hot dogs each season ranging from a South Philly Dog (pictured below) with red peppers and broccoli rabe to last year's Sonoran Dogs.


New in 2017: Harry The K's Pastrami Sausage: House-cured pastrami sausage with hickory-smoked bacon red cabbage, topped with tarragon mustard.


New in 2017: Mac and Cheese Dog: Hot dog topped with house made mac and cheese and a drizzle of pepper ketchup.


New in 2017: Jersey Shore Dog: Hot dog topped with pork roll and American cheese sauce.


South Philly Dog (photo)

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates have been amongst the most innovative teams in their hot dog and sausage offerings. In 2016, they debuted the Cracker Jack and Mac Dog (pictured below). Footlong sausages and hot Italian kielbasa with sauerkraut are also fan favorites.

Smokehouse Dog: foot-long, all-beef dog is covered in crispy fried onions, as well as some extra meat in the form of pulled pork flavored with Kansas City-style barbecue sauce.

Braised Kielbasa Reuben: This Reuben comes topped with kielbasa, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and house sauce served on marble rye bread.

St. Louis Cardinals

Busch stadium offers a variety of hot dog and sausage options including Nathan’s hot dogs, several different bratwursts and a footlong Corn Dog. All can be topped at the Food Network topping bar.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog: Jumbo hot dog wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon, served on a locally made jumbo bun and topped with baked beans, pico de gallo, spicy aioli and crispy fried onions.

San Diego Padres

Featuring the Friar Franks, fans can also enjoy the spicier Diego Dog or half pound RJ Slugger.

Classic Friar Frank (photo)

San Francisco Giants

Sausages rule at AT&T Park, which regularly ranks amongst the highest sausage sellers in baseball. Brats, kielbasas, hot links and hot dogs are hits for Giants fans.

Sheboygan Sausage: Bratwurst that is covered with grilled onions and sauerkraut..

Seattle Mariners

After serving up Cloverdale beef hot dogs for many years, the Mariners will offer local Fletchers hot dogs in 2017, which were on the menu at the old Kingdome. Fans can also enjoy local Hempler’s sausages including double-smoked Polish (pictured below) and jalapeño cheddar Andouille sausages.

Bacon-wrapped hot dog: Hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with grilled onions, jalapeños and chipotle sauce.

Double-smoked Polish dog from Hempler’s.

Tampa Bay Rays

In Tampa, the hot dogs are big and you can get great deals on them. The Rays feature a jumbo Kayem dog with toppings such as chili, cheese and bacon, picadillo sauce or pulled pork. The Rays also offer $2 hot dogs on Wednesdays.

Ybor Dog: Featuring a signature Kayem all-beef jumbo hot dog with picadillo sauce, as well as perennial favorites chili-cheese dogs topped with bacon, or BBQ dogs with pulled barbecue pork.

Texas Rangers

The Rangers have led the way in innovative hot dogs and sausages in recent years ranging from the 2 ft long chili and cheese topped Boomstick (pictured below) to a cotton candy topped hot dog to a sausage sundae. The creations are seemingly endless in Texas.


New in 2017: The M.V.T. Dog: Also known as the Most Valuable Tamale, this new creation is a tamale filled with the Rangers’ famous 24-inch Boomstick hot dog. It will then be covered in chili and nacho cheese.

Boomstick Dog (photo)


New in 2017: Fritos Kimchi Chili Dog: This Asian-inspired all-beef hot dog is topped with chili, sweet-n-spicy kimchi, cilantro, teriyaki sauce and Fritos.

Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays offer a signature footlong Garrison Creek hot dog (pictured below) topped with peppers and onions along with other unique sausage varieties, such as a Mediterranean sausage.


New in 2017: Bloor Street Dog: A hot dog topped with butter chicken, chili-lime sour cream, trio of Indian vegetables and fresh chopped parsley.

Garrison Creek Hot Dog Varieties (photo))

Washington Nationals

The Nationals offer a Hatfield hot dog and also include local favorites such as the Ben's Chili Bowl half smoke topped with chili and unique dogs from Haute Dogs.


New in 2017: Miami South Beach Dog: The Budweiser Brew House will feature a hot dog every time a new team comes to Nationals Park. Pictured above is one of those new options: the Miami South Beach Dog, an 18-inch hot dog topped with condiments, pineapple and onion strings, served with a side of fries.

Ben’s Chili Half Smoke: a grilled pork hot dog on a steamed bun and topped with mustard, onions and chili from Ben's Chili Bowl.


Haute Dogs: a local hot dog joint serving up hot-off-the-grill, gourmet hot dogs and hand-cut French fries. Their franks are made with local products and are served on a New England-style bun with fresh condiments.

italian sausage

The Italian Sausage Burger will be offered throughout Nationals Ballpark this year.