Hot Dog Stories

Hot Dog Stories

From the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council

As an iconic American food that we enjoy throughout our lives, hot dogs inspire us with happy memories and moments from life that we treasure. For July’s National Hot Dog Month, we asked some hot dog icons to share their unique hot dog stories with us and explain what makes hot dogs so special to them.

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James Cunningham,Host, Food Network’s Eat St.

Mark Reitman,Professor of Hot Dogs, Hot Dog University

Virginia Ali,Owner, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Washington, D.C.

Wayne Rosenbaum,Owner, Papaya King, New York City

Louis Eni,President and CEO, Dietz & Watson

Fritz Usinger,President, Usingers Sausage

Scott Berman,Owner, Superdawg Drive-In, Chicago

Bob Remington,Owner, Steamie Weenie, Las Vegas

Sara Shenoha,Senior Brand Manager, Ball Park Brand

Jason Tingley,Executive Chef, Los Angeles Dodgers

Owen Stone,HotDogger, Oscar Mayer

Angela Bumstead,HotDogger, Oscar Mayer